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5 minutes

2011-04-25 06:15:24 by Ani-x

Why do i do what i do?
That has been a common question asked in my life.
"Why do you wrestle when you only get injured?"
"Why fight when it all can only ends in bad way?"

well answer then is same now, even with games.
I love to entertain. My job may have changed but passion is the same.

If i can take some one one away from all the problems, stress and shit that plagues every day life.
even for just five minutes they can be lost in the moment, then that is my job.
and that makes my job complete.

Give a fuck what goes into it, all that matters is that five minutes....if we can get more then its even better.

But ill spend months on that five minutes.

I wonder

2010-09-19 01:47:30 by Ani-x

Who put the bomp in the bomp she bomps?

Dunno who he was, but i would like to shake his hand.

Stay golden pony boy

2010-07-31 07:57:03 by Ani-x

...............................Stay golden


2010-06-18 07:47:17 by Ani-x

Trying find my motivation for this weekend.
Kinda just spent, both psychically and mentally.

I think after a small recharge ill be back and better then ever.

Anxiety is a sun'bitch

2010-06-13 21:46:32 by Ani-x

Something i been living with for years and years (about 10 years i can think of, but probly longer)
It has this funny way of creeping up on ya on the worst times..or even shows up to crash a good time,

Its really a everyday battle.
Seems to get worse as you get older to.
For those who never had it, most don't understand it and seem to look at it with guff.
And even when your attacks pass, and the weird paranoia stops, you yourself look back at it with guff.

I do my best against it.
Sometimes I win, sometimes I loose. But one thing is for sure. It does lower the quality of life.
It has effected many aspects of my life. I can even say I couldn't take great career opportunity because of it. Even drastically effected some of my relationships. and even just my overall life at times.

Reason why im posting this? well I was talking to someone who has bad anxiety. and they feel its the end all, That there life is over, They are weird and they will never get better.
Fact is, You can have a normal life, There is help (although it can take a wile) But more so you are not alone.
There is no shame in admitting it. no need hide it. ( you will feel better if you dont hide it from the people around you)
Allot of people, even famous people suffer from this. It just happens.

anyways, here is a pic of E3
(friend took it)

Anxiety is a sun'bitch

pa pa pa pa pa POWER!

2010-05-01 13:12:17 by Ani-x

no real news here, but i just cant get enough of these old spice commercial with Terry Cruz

All in one (at collage humor)

But i think my all time fav has to be this one.


/* */
and wile we are at it, lets show some awesome 3D dot hero's, Old Spice style.

/* */
Just awesome!

I should probably stop drinking.

I get this feeling That time's just holding me down

2010-04-01 04:39:47 by Ani-x

Oowhee, Marie
Shake it, shake it for me

Morgan Freeman!!

2010-03-27 06:15:48 by Ani-x

Morgan FFF

Collab with some amazing artist, I am lucky to be apart of it.
The ad revenue goes to charity, so go watch it, then get your friends to watch it. and have them them tell there friends, and then they tell two friends then they tell two friends and so on and so on.

Morgan Freeman!!

I want to cut the blonde one

2010-02-28 02:04:56 by Ani-x

Im just saying.

Things have fallen a bit behind schedule, But have good news!
A new game is in the works, Its a game (not the one you just lost, but you just did, Just now, yeah that just happened!) Called "Stone Glider" A game im looking towards NG sponsorship with. A Arcade game base don Curling, yup you read right, Curling....the sport, But trust me its both fun and F'n hilarious
Hope to get this one out in a week or two.

I want to cut the blonde one

Kiss my converse

2010-02-04 17:17:28 by Ani-x

Been busy busy busyyy!
Hopefully we will have a small movement demo up by tomorrow for our up coming game

Other then work, not a lot new going on, started my Morgan Freeman picture for the collab.
So if you are one of the four or five ppl that read my blog here, Be sure to participate, and get your friends involved to.

that's all for now.

Kiss my converse