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Entry #22

5 minutes

2011-04-25 06:15:24 by Ani-x

Why do i do what i do?
That has been a common question asked in my life.
"Why do you wrestle when you only get injured?"
"Why fight when it all can only ends in bad way?"

well answer then is same now, even with games.
I love to entertain. My job may have changed but passion is the same.

If i can take some one one away from all the problems, stress and shit that plagues every day life.
even for just five minutes they can be lost in the moment, then that is my job.
and that makes my job complete.

Give a fuck what goes into it, all that matters is that five minutes....if we can get more then its even better.

But ill spend months on that five minutes.


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2011-04-25 10:15:18

Amen brother.


2015-04-25 10:09:13