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2007-07-17 20:03:17 by Ani-x

Well Currently We had to upgrade the comp.
which meant getting a new one
which meant Vista OS
which means flash isn't working right on it..

my problem is it jaggs all my lines, I cant even do a smooth line.
so that basically cripples anything i can do with flash (art or animation)

I have tried so many things to fix it, but no luck as of yet.....
when its ever fixed or we save up enough to get ToonBoom, i will post up Future projects.


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2007-08-06 15:42:20

no offical patches or anything to download? =/

Ani-x responds:

no, sadly...its a conflict with Vista's pen and pointer thingy..
been trying disable it


2007-11-20 13:59:34

Did you ever get a new one then?

Ani-x responds:

OS? No still vista.
I have got it working..better..sorta..
but havnt had much time to work on any solo projects